Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Katie Loves to Cook

Kate makes the best chocolate chip cookies. She has made them so many times she has memorized the recipe. She bakes cookies at least once a week, and they are always delicious. Soft and chewy, just like we like them. But she wanted to branch out, and what better place to do something amazing than at Mimi’s house?

She browsed through Mimi’s recipe books for pictures of appetizing desserts and chose a recipe that looked promising. It was a challenge because of several steps in the recipe, but she was ready to dive in!

She and her Papi went grocery shopping for all the ingredients.

For this recipe, Kate rolled out four Pillsbury Pie Crusts.

Then she scalloped the edges using the tip of a teaspoon.

She placed the pie crusts on a cookie sheet and pricked them with a fork. 
To be safe, Mimi helped put them in the hot oven.

She made Jello Instant Pudding and Pie filling according to the directions.

She chopped walnuts for the candied walnut topping.

She cooked the topping mixture, and after it thickened, 
she removed it from the heat and added vanilla.


She folded whipped topping into the chocolate pudding mixture.

Part of the fun was assembling the layers.

WOW! The impressive finished product!

So sorry there are no pictures of everyone eating this beautiful and delicious dessert, but we were too busy enjoying it and forgot to take pictures. We all thought it was SCRUMPTIOUS.

Thanks to Kate’s sister, Allie, who helped snap photos!

Katie said, “The reason I like baking so much is because I love to know I make a lot of people happy doing what I love.  It brings joy to my heart that I know I make people happy when I cook something!”

Thank you, Katie, for a delicious dessert!