Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Gentle Giant

Meet Tango.

He is the new horse in our pasture.

Tango is a Shire, and colossal.

Our paint yearling, Jack, is “clacking” -- a behavior in which a baby horse sidles up to an older horse and clacks his teeth or tongue. In essence, Jack is saying to Tango, “Please. Give me a break. I’m just a baby. Don’t hurt me even though I am probably annoying you.”

(“Give me a break, even if I’m annoying.” I think I recall clacking this to my parents when I was a teenager.)

Tango accepted Jack and has shown him mercy.

Tango, bless his big heart, has done the same for us.

He’s calm when we bridle him.

(GAACKK! Not so tight!)

He’s tolerant when we saddle him up.

He’s gracious when the neighbors ride him.

He’s sweet when the kids ride him.

He’s a dream when the grandsons ride him.

He’s gentle when the granddaughters ride him.

He’s accommodating when Jack butts in.

He’s a good natured,



big boy.

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