Friday, January 15, 2010

He Sees It All

Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

In my early Christian life this verse haunted me. I managed to conveniently forget about the Lord’s omniscience until after I had committed my dastardly deeds. At age sixteen I wrote a song entitled “Did You Cry?” in response to my remorse. It’s a song about how sorry I was for my sins, knowing the Lord was disappointed in me, perhaps even shedding tears in His dismay.

And while I continue to be disgusted with myself and repentant of my daily sins, as my faith has matured, this proverb has become less of a dreadful reminder and more of a comfort. How it must please God’s heart to see the good!

He sees even the smallest gesture. We all perform kind deeds like sharing a meal, giving a ride, or expressing encouragement. An individual or small number of people may appreciate those gifts of love and service, and certainly, so does God. But what about lifting a small child up to reach the water fountain? What about sending a few dollars to the Red Cross to help the Haitians? No matter how small the kind act we do for the last, the lost, the least; no matter that no one else on earth knows what we do, God sees. A cup of cool water given in His name does not lose its reward.

He sees the motivation of my heart. Once I was accused of fawning for someone’s favor because I did some work for them at the end of a visit. I was shocked when I learned that someone mistook it for “having an agenda,” because I did that work out of pure love and appreciation for the way the family had ministered to me. But even when others misunderstand a good deed, my omniscient Father-God sees the reason behind my deeds. He sees my heart and appreciates the good.

He accepts the good we do for others as done unto Him. When I sweep the floor, I sweep it as unto Him. When I cook a meal for another, I do it as unto Him. He treats whatever I do for others as done personally for Him.

His eyes see it. He knows all about it. And His heart is made glad.

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