Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Home

“Please return to the guidance route,” said the electronic female voice from the navigation device. She said it distinctly, calmly, yet firmly.

“What?” I asked her. “I thought I was on the guidance route.”

She did not answer me. I looked at the navigation screen.

At least, I tried to look at the navigation screen. I was in an unknown city during evening rush hour. It was snowing heavily, and we were all driving at high speed without the appropriate “cushion of safety” that I learned about in driver’s ed. Everyone wanted to get home before the snow started accumulating;  as it was right then, it was only slushy. But you know what that means at 65 mph behind a semi, right? My “rain sensor” windshield wiper blades were in “frantic” mode.

They matched my growing apprehension. I was in a high-end car that didn’t belong to me; I was just the delivery girl. And I had a $52,082 check for the car dealership sitting on the passenger seat next to me. My fingers tightened around the steering wheel, and I changed lanes to the right.

The nav screen looked like a tangle of colored lines with my red location arrow pointing west. “Wait a minute,” I asked Nav Woman. “Shouldn’t I be going east?” I tried to decipher the route lines on the screen in the split seconds I could take my eyes off the road. It looks like I may have to loop around first, but then, it takes me back around . . . that can’t be right. I changed lanes to the right again, seeing an exit.

After I was parked in the safety of a bank parking lot, I found and corrected the program error that caused Nav Woman to instruct me to drive in a never-ending east/west loop.  I took a deep breath and reentered the craziness of West Dodge Road with new confidence in my navigation device to get me home.


This morning I read words of comfort, promise, and challenge in the Bible. I have no worries about programming errors in this guide, although frequently I need to exit to a quiet place to study the route. But I am certain of my destination:  Home. I am confident of my Guide to get me there. 

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

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