Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News

THE GOOD NEWS:  I can see.

THE BAD NEWS:  I have to wear glasses in order to differentiate anything smaller than sky or ground.

THE GOOD NEWS:  Husband said I could pay for Lasik surgery if screening showed I was a candidate.

THE BAD NEWS:  Insurance covers nothing; it’s all out-of-pocket.

THE GOOD NEWS:  I am a candidate!

THE BAD NEWS:  Because I have both near- and far-sightedness, even after I have Lasik I will still have to wear reading glasses.

THE GOOD NEWS:  At age 55, I am old enough that once they do the surgery, my eyesight probably would not significantly change (like it does in your 40s) until I get old. I mean, older.

THE BAD NEWS:  I also have cataracts forming in both eyes.

THE GOOD NEWS:  I have cataracts! Insurance will pay for vision correction for cataracts!

MORE GOOD NEWS:  The Lasik surgery center has a set of multi-focal (bi-focal) lenses that were provided by the supplier. I would not have to pay for the lenses, only the procedure.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  This type of lens would free me up from glasses altogether, and also free me from the threat of cataracts ever impairing my vision.

THE BAD NEWS:  The supplier’s requirements are that the patient must have the surgery to implant these lenses in March and/or April.

THE GOOD NEWS:  It’s March, and not yet April!

THE BAD NEWS:  My cataracts are not large enough yet to merit coverage by insurance.

THE GOOD NEWS:  However, I could still do the replacement surgery without having to pay for the lenses if I do it in March and April. That’s a significant savings.

THE BAD NEWS:  But I’m going on a cruise with my dad in April.


THE GOOD NEWS:  I’m going on a cruise with my dad in April!

THE BAD NEWS:  They would only do one eye before I leave for the cruise.

THE GOOD NEWS:  They would do the other eye when I return at the end of April.

THE BAD NEWS:  I would have problems with depth perception so I’d be more prone to clumsiness. I  do not want to look clumsy on my first cruise. I don't want to BE clumsy -- I could fall overboard. I decide to opt out.

THE GOOD NEWS:  My cataracts might grow fast, then insurance benefits could help me get rid of these eyeglasses.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  For now, I can see great with my current eyeglasses.

AND MORE GOOD NEWS:  I’m going on a cruise with my dad in April. Me and my prescription sunglasses.

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